Malaga city is far more than just the gateway to the Costa del Sol. Visit this cultural hub and be blown away by its rich historical past, delicious gastronomy, café culture, spectacular architecture, sandy beaches and hip art scene.  There´s so much to see here, these are our highlights…

9:00 Castillo Gibralfaro

Take the invigorating walk up to the historical Castillo de Gibralfaro which sits on the highest hill overlooking Malaga city and port. With each step, appreciate the stunning views of Malaga´s Alameda park and bustling port below. Its extraordinary history dates back to the 10th century during the three-month siege by the Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella. Worked up an appetite? Pop in to the beautiful Parador Hotel to try their wide selection of breakfast options.

11:00 Málaga Centre

Make your way to the historical centre of Málaga where you can find the Alcazaba. Built between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries, this former palace and fortress served as a pivotal place of congregation during Muslim rule. Features not to be missed are the Patio de Armas (Arabic gardens) and the Arch of Christ. Just below is the Roman theatre, built in the age of Augustus and remained in use until the third century. Having excavated the important discovery, you can make out the entrance to the proscenium or stage, the 15-metre orchestra area, the “cávea” (seating area) and the theatre entrance door.

13:00 Lunch Time

Just before lunch, visit the bustling market where you can choose from a colourful array of fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and meats, amongst other things. The atmosphere is electric and definitely evokes the magnetic energy Malaga is so known for. At various points, are a selection of small bars serving delicious sherries, wines and as well as the fresh fish you can buy here. It´s a truly authentic Andalucian experience.

15:00 Museums

It´s time to visit some of Malaga´s fantastic art centres. The most well renowned being the Picasso Museum on Calle San Agustín. The museum was opened in 2003 and features over 200 pieces of work starting from his very early career up until the end of his life. If you´d like to have a more in-depth insight into Picasso´s world or alternatively don´t know much about his life, this is a definite must-see. Another great option is the Centre of Contemporary Art (CAC) which showcases works by Damian Hirst and Thomas Ruff, to mention just a couple.

18:00 Cathedral – Monument

You cannot visit Malaga without exploring its magnificent cathedral, the tallest in the whole of Andalucia. You can see this monument from every point of the capital, and it´s architecture is particularly beautiful at night. Built between 1528 and 1782, its style and form reflects the Renaissance and Baroque design. There is a lot to see here, including the wonderful gardens and the adjoining church, Iglesia del Sagrano.  If you´re feeling particularly adventurous, you can climb the 200 steps that lead up to the rooftop.

20:00 Dinner & Cocktails

Head to the port where you choose from a wide selection of stylish bars and restaurants. Here you´ll also find charming boutiques selling fashion items and homeware. This is also where the Pompidou centre is located, if you´re still in the mood for art. Continue on where you can find the picturesque sandy beach and iconic lighthouse. If you´re looking for a more traditional bite to eat, you have to try the ´espetos´ (freshly grilled sardines). They´re cooked directly on the beach in dedicated barbecue areas and are absolutely delicious. Once you´ve dined out in style, head back through the port to the old town where you can stop off for a cocktail or two.

What are your favourite things to do in Malaga?