Tarifa, a Spanish town located in the province of Cadiz and at the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula. Situated on the ´Costa de la Luz´ (Coast of Light) where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean collide, is it any wonder why this enchanted place is such a magnet for tourists all over the world? Read on to find out what our favourite things are to do in Tarifa…

Castle of Guzmán el Bueno

The Guzmán el Bueno Castle is impressively located on the edge of the sea, demonstrating its historical significance and accessible location to the Strait of Gibraltar. The castle is named after the heroic deed of Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, then governor of the fortress. In 1294, the Muslims besieged the castle and, having Alonso’s son in their power, threatened his son´s life in favour of giving up the fortress. Alonso Pérez de Guzmán preferred to sacrifice his son before handing over the town, and even threw down his own knife from the octagonal tower for them to kill him with. There are various opening times and a special guided visit is offered to groups of at least ten people.

Water Sports

Due to the two strong winds (Poniente from the west and Levante from the east) Tarifa has become known as one of the world´s best surfing destinations. You can rent or purchase equipment at Calle Batalla del Salado and even sign up for classes. Kite surfing is a particularly popular option but if you´re more in to relaxing, you can pitch up on the stunning golden sands and admire all the colours from the floating kites in the sky.

The Old Town

Wander the charming cobbled streets of Tarifa´s historical town and stumble on a selection of quirky boutiques, bars and restaurants. Let yourself get lost whilst encountering beautiful white washed courtyards and otherworldly convents. A day wandering Tarifa´s magical old town is a day well spent.


Immerse yourself in the true bohemian lifestyle when exploring Tarifa´s nightlife. The local favourites are Lola´s in the Old Town for an array of delicious tapas including Tarifa´s famous locally caught fresh tuna fish. If you fancy a cocktail, head to Almedina, located in the atmospheric medieval city wall. Every week they host some spectacular and authentic flamenco performances too.


Located between the Parque Natural del Estrecho and the Parque Natural de Alcornocales, Tarifa is the ideal spot for a trek. Along the southern coast, the views of Morocco are breath-taking and in the Alcornocales you can hike in the Iberian Peninsula’s largest cork oak forest.

Visit Morocco

Only a 35 minute boat ride away from Tarifa, visit Tangier. Here you can pick up some beautiful Moroccan produce including interior design pieces, jewellery and cooking spices. Just to mention a small selection of what these wonderful stores have to offer. The Grand Mosque is a must-see, and so is the spectacular old town.

What are your favourite spots to visit in Tarifa?