The Senda Litoral  is a grand tour from one end of the Costa del Sol to another.

The Senda Litoral de Malaga (Malaga Coastal Path) is a projected 180 km path following the entire coast of Malaga province from the Castle of the Duchess of Manilva to the Balcón de Europa Nerja. Last year it was 85% complete (of 180km) and hoped it to be complete this year. Once completed, this long-distance path will be a major tourist attraction for the Costa del Sol, and for Andalucia.

The Coastal Path, passes through promenades and bike lanes, paths and boardwalks, beaches and cliffs, and natural sites between the towns that add a very special touch to the route.


This trail forms part of a most ambitious project that seeks to connect the entire Mediterranean arch, from Spain to Greece (route E-12). The E12 starts in Spain, continues to France, Italy, then follows the Slovenian and Croatian coastline all the way to Montenegro, Greece eastern Mediterranean.

Coastal Path  offers an exceptional route passing 14 towns on the Costa del Sol, over 150 kilometres of coastline with the best weather in Europe.

The coastal path is being created by linking all the existing seafront town promenades; building new paved paths – for many year every newly-built beachfront development must construct its section of path; constructing wooden boardwalks where the terrain demands.



5 Benefits of this walk

  1. It gives you the opportunity to visit some of the fourteen towns which can be found on the Costa del Sol.
  2. You can walk along promenades and boardwalks; see beautiful places and unforgettable sites during your journey from one town to another.
  3. Enjoy the beaches, some of which have the Blue Flag certification given by the EU, as well as cliffs, restaurants and other tourism buildings along the shore.
  4. Be aware that this area is historically important as there are sites with almost 2000-year-old ruins, and fortifications used by varied civilizations.
  5. Listen to waves, relax and enjoy incredible views in a fresh air.