Strategic location has meant that the port of Malaga has been a meeting point for ships from all over the world throughout history and continues to be so today for the Cruise ships coming from all over the world, visitors were seduced by the good climate and the best trade by the locals. The first stone was laid on 1 January 1588 when the construction of a new port commenced. The port and surroundings have experienced constant extensions and changes over the years. Port traffic undoubtedly contributed to the city´s economy.


Lighthouse (farola) was completed in 1817 the unique 38 m tall lighthouse was designed by Joaquin María pery and has tirelessly lit the way for seafarers for more than 205 years.

Parque de Málaga in 1876, a Project by r. Yagüe extended the port with reclaimed land giving the way to the new park parque de Málag a park that rekindled locals` relationship with the sea and is today one of the best know attractions. That is how Muelle uno came into existence bringing the sea into peoples everyday lives.


New Muelle uno.

Muelle uno opened his doors in 2011 after being reformed totally to be a new modern port who has a lot to offer. It is one of the best places from Málaga. This commercial area in the port of Málaga is a few metres from the city providing a range of shops some of the best restaurants and where you can enjoy concerts,cultural events. One of the city´s best attractions must be the Centre Pompidou, offering visitors a unique experience through its extensive art collections from 20th and 21th century art. The centre Pompidou Málaga´s Cube is a living, participatory installation that never goes unnoticed and cant be missed by anyone visiting Muelle Uno.


Gastronomy in Muelle uno

Restaurant José Carlos García is located in a beautiful setting within the Muelle uno complex, next to la capilla and just a couple meters from the sea front.

José Carlos García (Malaga, 1974) belongs to a generation of culinary professionals who has put Malaga on the map for its cuisine. He took his first steps as a chef with his parents’ help but went on to train in the most prestigious culinary schools in the city. Always enthusiastic about learning and teaching new Spanish haute cuisine techniques, José Carlos García has received numerous awards, including Best Chef in Andalusia in 2009.


If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not hire a bike for the afternoon? Located in one of the kiosks, QQ bikes rent electric bicycles by the day, half-day or hour, depending on how far you feel like venturing along the coast. They also have a selection of Segways and Segway tours which can be rented or booked by the quarter-hour for use around the port area. Additionally, the company runs guided tours of the area by electric bike and Segway. Tours must be booked in advance.

If you would rather see Malaga from the water, there are boat trips out into the bay throughout the day and during the evenings. The trips last for an hour and run from 12.15 until the last boat at 18.30. this will show you Malaga from the sea which is beautiful.